What is a Pro-Life Democrat?

Sign titled Politics Kills, Choose Life, with Republican elephant covered with anti-life policies like capital punishment and warmaking, plus Democrat donkey with phrases like assisted suicide and abortion
Part I -- Introduction When I tell my friends that I’m a pro-life Democrat, they get really confused real fast. What even is that? So … are you pro-life? Are you a Democrat? Which is it? Their surprise is, to some extent, understandable. Our modern political climate feels so thoroughly partisan that it sometimes feels like breaking out of one “Democratic” or “Republican” mold is impossible. But it’s not -- in fact, I’m far from alone. There are...

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Abortion and Ableism in the Democratic Party

World Down Syndrome Day is March 21
Iceland has effectively eradicated Down’s Syndrome. Or so it would have you believe. In reality, it has no magical treatment. No, Iceland does something far different — nearly 100% of children diagnosed with Trisomy 21 are killed before they are even born. Instead of a child, mothers who “choose” abortion in Iceland — often out of their own pain and fear — are offered a prayer card imprinted with their baby’s footprints. We do not know what those...

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YPLD Announces Upcoming Projects

Girl with a megaphone anda a pro-life message
Young Pro-Life Democrats has, over these past few months, laid the groundwork for a robust pro-life alliance of young progressives -- most notably, we've worked to develop a national team ready and able to take on a number of exciting projects going forward. Those projects, which are underway as we speak, span a number of fields: both our communications and development teams, for instance, are working to prepare spaces for young pro-life Democrats...

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