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Already a YPLD Member?  Consider applying for a spot on the Regional or National teams!

Because YPLD is still a young organization, we are filling leadership positions by application, not election, until the leadership board deems the membership counts high enough to justify elections. If you are willing to commit time and effort to the pro-life cause - and are already a YPLD member - then we encourage you to apply!


We're thrilled that you're interested in learning more/getting involved with Young Pro-Life Dems!


Being a member is specifically for people who live an extremely busy lifestyle and cannot do any volunteer work because there is zero time commitment for being a member.

Important! To join as a member, we ask that you are:

  • Under Age 36
  • Pro-Life/Anti-Abortion
  • Progressive, Democrat, Liberal, Left-Leaning, Independent, Moderate, or Undecided
  • Living in the United States

We highly encourage people of all ages are welcome to sign up for our newsletter!

Contact Young Pro-Life Democrats:

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Phone: (703) 424-6663 (DFLA)

Address: 10521 Judicial Drive, Unit 200, Fairfax, VA 22030

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