Girl with a megaphone anda a pro-life message

Young Pro-Life Democrats has, over these past few months, laid the groundwork for a robust pro-life alliance of young progressives -- most notably, we've worked to develop a national team ready and able to take on a number of exciting projects going forward. Those projects, which are underway as we speak, span a number of fields: both our communications and development teams, for instance, are working to prepare spaces for young pro-life Democrats to connect and organize.

YPLD's national team wanted to take a moment to share some of those initiatives and a number of ways that prospective members can get involved in the organization. We actively seek motivated, pro-life high school and college students eager to create a culture of life, from the womb to the tomb, and to this end are dedicated to making space for new members to join us on any number of upcoming projects. Those interested in joining our efforts should sign up as members using the form linked here, and the organization will reach out to bring you into the fold.

Members will be linked into a growing organization involved in a number of initiatives to expand the visibility of the pro-life Democratic movement among young people. Some of those initiatives are as follows --

  • We’re currently in the process of rebuilding our website for visibility and accessibility. Our hope is to further update this website with resources that could be useful to pro-life Democrats in high school and college.
  • We’re building a national communication platform over Discord to connect young pro-life Democrats to each other, provide organizational updates, and plan events. It’s our hope to bring as many members as possible onto the server.
  • We’re reaching out via social media to other organizations and people involved in the whole-life movement, in order to build up a wider social media audience for whole-life causes and digital organizing.
  • We’re working on identifying energetic and capable leaders for several state level chapters and college campus student organizations, with the goal of building out an organization capable of local activism for pro-life causes across the country.
  • We are working on connecting Young Pro-Life Democrats with both chapters of our parent organization, Democrats for Life of America, and the many pro-life Democratic elected officials. More details on this initiative are to come.
  • We’re working on developing phone banks, text banks, letter campaigns, and other such opportunities for pro-life Democrats on our server and in our communications platforms to join real pro-life advocacy work.
  • We’re in the process of building out a blog and conducting outreach to media organizations to advance a whole life message.

The future of Young Democrats for Life is bright, as both an organization and a movement. It is becoming increasingly hard to deny that ours is the pro-life generation, and we will make our voices heard

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