Executive Board

Jameson Cutler

Executive Director and Maryland State Chapter President

Youth Outreach Director, Democrats for Life of America

Phone: 860.342.8710

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I’ve been involved with pro-life work for the past year and a half. One of my favorite aspects of the work that I do is praying at my local abortion facility with 40 Days for Life because I get to empower moms to choose life. I’m also in the PLG Voices program with Students for Life. One of my favorite experiences so far has been marching in the Maryland March for Life. I am also a vegetarian and animal rights activist, and I see a lot of parallels between the preborn rights movement and the animal rights movement. I’m still in high school, and I’m organizing a Students for Life group on my campus for this fall. When I’m not being an advocate for life, I love to sing in my glee club and perform at local gigs.

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Constance Becker

Executive Vice President

Constance is also the executive coordinator at Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising.

Follow Constance on Social Media @NoApologiesProLife

Georgia Hartman

Vice President for Inclusion, Belonging, and Justice

Chiara Falvo

Co-Director of Inclusion, Belonging, and Justice

Follow Chiara on Instagram @Dysphroic4Jesus and @Dat_Fish_girl

Marketing and Communications Team

Evelyn Reeves

Vice President for Marketing and Communications

Evelyn is our new Vice President for Marketing and Outreach! She specializes in pro-life apologetics having her own TikTok account dedicated to dispelling pro-abortion lies! Evelyn is one of our primary content creators, and she works alongside our Vice President for Development to create ads.. You can often find her responding in the comments section of our Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts. We are so grateful to have Evelyn on the YPLD team! 

Follow Evelyn on Instagram and TikTok @Leftist_Dropout

Lucia Rocca

Associate Director of Marketing and Communications

Lucia joins the YPLD team as our Vice President for Marketing and Communications! Lucia has wanted to get involved with a pro-life organization for a long time, but she was never quite sure where to start until she found Young Pro-Life Dems! She has a lot of fresh and innovative ideas for our social media platforms, and she can't wait to start rolling out new content soon. Thanks so much for joining us, Lucia!

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Faith Beavers

Social Media Manager

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Fred Stolen

Brand Creation and Graphic Designer

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Programs and Events Team

Grace Lynch

Vice President for Programs and Events

Iliya Usmana

Associate Director of Programs and events

It is such an honor to have Iliya working with YPLD as our Associate Director of Programs and Events! Iliya plans and organizes nationwide trainings for members of YPLD, and she creates YPLD guides and resources like the ones found on our website. She also works alongside our team of regional directors to plan national, state, and local activism events. Additionally, she collaborates with YPLD's communications team to manage our social media accounts. When she's not working for YPLD, she is a psychologist, and loves to crochet in her free time!

Follow Iliya on Instagram @Pehliwa and @CrochetByPehliwa

Nicholas Polizzi

Social Activism Coordinator

We are elated to have Nicholas join the YPLD National Board! Nicholas has always wanted to get involved with the pro-life movement supporting moms and babies in need but has always found it difficult to get involved with his local pro-life organizations. Nicholas lives in New York and is a recent high school graduate! 

Follow Nicholas on Instagram @NikkiSixxteen

Development and Fundraising Team

Gerald Wallace

Vice President for Development and Fundraising

We are so excited to welcome Gerald to the YPLD team as our Vice President for Fundraising and Development! He works to recruit our members and form chapters on high school and college campuses as well as in local communities. He works alongside our communications team to create ads drawing people into YPLD.

Follow Gerald on Instagram @PurpleManPush111

Quincy Shi

Community Engagement Coordinator

We are so excited to announce Quincy Shi as our Vice President for Community Engagement! Quincy is still in high school, but he has been very active with social and political activism in his community! He has volunteered for FairVote Minnesota where they advocated for ranked-choice voting in the state. He also lobbied at the YMCA for a day to advocate for legislation that funded childcare. During his local Chinese New Year and mid-autumn festival events, he organized an event for the Alliance of Minnesota Chinese Organizations, where he organized cultural and artistic events and performances to promote Chinese and Asian cultural appreciation.

Follow Quincy on Instagram @Quincy.Shiii

Sam Homolka

Strategic Partnership Coordinator

Sam is the newest edition to the YPLD team. He reaches out to local and state Right to Life Organizations, High School and College Students for Life Groups as well as Young Democrat Gorups.

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Regional Directors and State Presidents

Thomas Dobbs

Midwest Regional Coordinator

YPLD is excited to announce that Thomas Dobbs is our Midwest Regional Director! He has believed in the Consistent Life Ethic, and lives in the state of Wisconsin! He works with high school and college students to form YPLD chapters in the Midwest!

Follow Thomas on Instagram @ThomasBDobbs

Chris Allen

Massachusetts State Chapter President

Follow Chirs on Instagram @Conberal

Sebastien Ostertag

East Central Regional Coordinator

Sebastiaen forms chapters on high school and college campuses in Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, and West Virginia.

You can contact Sebastien at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Mary Jensen Flannery

Oregon State Chapter President

Follow Mary on Instagram @mangerlecole98

Damian Ehrman

Indiana State Chapter President

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Holly Peksa


We are excited to have Holly as our Editor-in-Chief! Holly is a whole-life Democrat because she recognizes that all human life is sacred! She is also passionate about standing up to social injustices around the world! She loves the ability to lead a team of writers while also being able to write herself. One of Holy's hopes with YPLD is to expand it into more high schools and colleges. Holly is a recent graduate of Alverno College!

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Christine Novelero

Staff Writer

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Grace Hardy

Staff Writer

Tyler Holbrook

Staff Writer

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Robert Watson

Staff Writer

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John Elrod

Staff Writer

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Andrea Suarez

Staff Writer

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Hannah Ferreira

Staff Writer

Belen Morales

Staff Writer

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