Welcome Message from DFLA Leadership

Welcome to Young Pro-Life Democrats! This exciting new group will give Americans ages 14-18 who are progressive and pro-life the opportunity to meet, encourage each other, and work together to build a society in which human life is protected at all stages "from the womb to the tomb." Democrats for Life of America (DFLA) is excited to offer its support.

Your generation can transform American politics and break out of the rigid categories that divide us. Young people are progressive overall on issues like climate change, economic and racial equality, and LGBTQ rights. But they are opposed--just as much as older Americans--to the idea of abortion "any time, for any reason" that is so often labeled today as "progressive."

Young people also question the idea that things have to stay the way they are now. It's not inevitable that if you support Democrats to help marginalized people or stop environmental disaster, you have to accept the killing of pre-born children. You can change things and work to create the culture and the politics to support women, protect pre-born lives, and value all human beings.

Join YPLD, and join our movement!

Kristen Day, DFLA Executive Director and Founder

Tom Berg, Board Member


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