What is the Hyde Amendment?

The Hyde Amendment was passed in 1976 and prevents the government from using federal money to fund abortions. They Hyde Amendment has historically been and continues to be supported by both Republicans and Democrats. It should not be repealed.

Instead of convincing impoverished women they need to have an abortion, our society should assist women by meeting their needs and empowering them to either parent their child or choose adoption.

To help, contact your state's senators and representatives.

"Hello, my name is [your name] and I am calling in support of the Hyde Amendment. I am asking you to use your voice to protect children in the womb. Repealing the Hyde Amendment would not result in decreased poverty, but would result in the abortion of less fortunate children. Thank you" -example call or email
"Repealing the Hyde Amendment would be foolish and I'm strongly opposed to this push from some Members of Congress. If this legislation is brought before the Senate I will vote against repealing the Hyde Amendment."
- Senator Joe Manchin, December 30, 2020





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