Abortion and Classism

Intersectionality: Abortion and Classism

We at Young Pro-Life Democrats call for a pro-love and whole-life ethic when it comes to the topic of abortion. Making abortion illegal does not fix the issue entirely. To make abortion unthinkable, we must first make it unnecessary by providing pregnant mothers and fathers with the resources they need to raise and develop a child. We must give a pregnant mother the opportunity to keep her child by providing her with access to healthcare, shelter, food, childcare, affordable education, and all necessites needed to raise a child. This is why classism is so connected with abortions. Many pregnant mothers feel they have no choice but abortion because of their financial and/or social situation. We must change class inequalities to change abortion.


In 2014, 75% of those who had abortions were low-income or poor

Mothers feeling like they can't afford to care for a child is the Number #2 reason that they seek to abort

40% of mothers seeking to abort their children gave fianncial reasons as their reason for aborting

34% of those who aborted their children said they could not fford to pay for school and a child

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