Debunking Pro-Abortion Arguments: "A clump of cells is dependent on its mother to live”

Explanation of pro-abortion argument

  • Most people who support abortion will use this argument implying that because the baby relies on her mother to stay alive, the mother has the right to dispose of the baby

pro-life response

  • Ethically: A person’s dependency does not determine the value of her life


  • Newborn babies are just as dependent on the mother for all its needs as preborn babies are

Questions to Ask People who support abortion

  • If newborn babies are not taken care of they will quickly die. Does this mean that newborn babies are allowed to be neglected or killed? 
    • So if both newborn and preborn babies are dependent on the mother for survival, what makes it okay to kill the preborn baby, but killing the newborn baby is considered murder?
  • Some adults are not able to survive independently. Some adults require a pacemaker to keep their heart pumping at a normal rate. And what about people in a coma? They are totally dependent for all their needs, cannot eat or drink, cannot speak, and is incontinent of urine and bowels. Are we allowed to kill these people because they are dependent on others for life?
  • What about people with disabilities like autism who are dependent on their parents or others their entire lives? Are we just allowed to kill them?

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