Debunking Pro-Abortion Arguments: A Fetus is a Parsite


  • Parasite

    • “An organism that lives in or on an organism of another species (its host) and benefits by deriving nutrients at the other's expense.”


  • People who support abortion constantly use euphemisms to dehumanize the preborn child to ease their guilt of murdering a life.

Essential Arguments

  • Scientific: If a fetus is a parasite, then the mother’s uterus would attack the parasite and not nourish it. The body would be working against the fetus if it were a parasite. Parasites do not also send their own stem cells to repair the mother’s damaged organs, but the preborn human does do this.
  • Contradictory: This argument undermines the entire “My body, My choice argument” because when they are calling the preborn child a parasite they are acknowledging its separate nature because parasites are not part of their host’s body. Biologically speaking they are separate and distinct organisms. If they deny this they are simply being anti-scientific.

Questions to ask people who support abortion

  • If you traveled to another country and you obtained a tapeworm, would you consider the tapeworm a part of your body?

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